Best Lash Styles for Your Eye Shape

by Nelo Cosmetics Team on August 22, 2019

Have you ever stood at the lash displays in beauty stores and stared at all the varieties of lashes staring back at you? Not knowing what style to choose? And which one would look good on you? Well, in this guide we will show you how to choose the best false lash style for your eye shape! 

Nelo Cosmetics currently offers several styles of high-quality luxury lashes you can choose from. Each eye-shape will be provided with the names and links of the lash styles that would look best on them.  Let's get started:


Almond - Shaped Eye

 Almond-shaped eyes are the most versatile eye shape you can have! If you have a visible crease in your eyelid and, your iris touch both the top and bottom of your eyelid, you have almond-shaped eyes. You can choose just about any Nelo Cosmetics lash style to compliment your beautiful eyes. The question here is, would you rather go for a natural look or a glam look?

Natural: Maria, Rumana, Iman, Arya

Glam: Plush, MIA, Alia, Ava, LuLu, Lavish, Smoother Than Silk

Hooded Eye Shape 

You have hooded eyes when you have a crease, but it isn’t visible because it’s hidden beneath an overlap of skin. While hooded eyes regularly occur as you get older and your skin begins to lose its elasticity, it’s also possible to be born with hooded eyes. You will want to create a depth effect that will open the eyes at the center and giving it the illusion of bigger, brighter eyes. The lashes you want to select to achieve this illusion are styles that are fuller in the center with longer lengths towards the end, the beginning of the lash, or both ends. 

Natural: Maria, Rumana, Sophie, Ava

Glam: Lily, Plush, Smoother Than Silk


Round Eye Shape 

You have round-shaped eyes when you have a visible crease in your eyelid and the iris of your eye is surrounded by just a touch of white, disconnecting it from your top and bottom eyelid. With this eye shape, you want to balance your beautiful bright eyes. Using long, curly, and wispy lashes will do just that! With round eyes, you want to magnify your eye shape by creating a flirty, multi-layer, voluminous effect with added length at the corners. Creating the ultimate cat eye effect and a longer eye illusion.

Natural: Alia, Ava, Daisy, Iman, Jade, Rumana

Glam: Lavish, Lily, Plush, Smoother Than Silk

Monolid Eye Shape 


Monolid eyes usually have no visible crease, false lashes can create such difference in aesthetics. False lashes will give an awakening effect to the eyes, accentuating it like no other. Because monolid eyes often naturally have straight lashes, you would want to opt for styles with more flare for openness and length on the outer corners to create the illusion of elongated eye shape.

Natural: Rumana, Sophie, Ava

Glam: Lily, Plush, Smoother Than Silk

Down - Turned Eye Shape

You have downturned eyes if the outer corners of your eyes turn downwards, it's often easy to tell. If you can’t quite tell, imagine drawing a straight line across your eye. If your outer corners turn down beneath the line then you will know you have downturned eyes. For the best lashes for your shape look for falsies that extend the outer corners of your eyes and creates length along the lash line. You unquestionably have the perfect eye shape for an attention-grabbing, luscious, and voluminous cat-eye look; a look that will really draw attention to your eyes in the best way.

Natural:  Alia, Ava, Lily, Rumana,

Glam:  LuLu, Sophie, Ava, Smoother Than Silk

Deep Set Eye Shape


If your eyes sit under a prominent brow bone, you have deep-set eyes. You have such flexibility to choose lashes that are more dramatic without the lashes overpowering your eyes. Lashes with more length, density, and volume would be easy for you to pull off. 

Natural: Alia, Ava, Lily, Rumana

Glam: LuLu, Lavish, Plush, Smoother Than Silk

Close Set Eye Shape

You have close-set eyes when the inner corners of your eyes sit close to your nose. To highlight your eye shape, you should focus on accentuating the outer corners to lift and lengthen your eyes. The lash styles you want to select to achieve this length and lift are styles with longer lash lengths from the center to the end. The best styles of lashes to achieve this look are:

Natural:  Rumana, Sophie, Ava

Glam: Lily, Alia, Smoother Than Silk


Wide Set Eye Shape



Eyes that are more than “one eyeball width” apart are considered wide-set eyes. You can easily tell if you have wide-set eyes by looking in the mirror, but you can also measure to be sure. The best thing about wide-set eyes? They make you look younger! For these peepers, you want to go with a more rounded lash and stay away from lashes that will elongate your eye shape. 

Natural: Maria, Iman, Arya

Glam: Daisy, Iman, Jade, Lavish, Plush


All eye shapes are beautiful and you can always rock whatever makeup/lash style you want. It's always up to you and you can try all our lashes to find ones that fit you the best. The great thing about false lashes and makeup looks? You can always take it off at the end of the day and play with them however you want to change up your look or create your signature look! 


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