"Beauty gives women the boost of confidence and self-esteem we always deserve to have and with the right attitude, we can accomplish anything" - Nelo Ameeri

"Beauty gives women the boost of confidence and self-esteem we always deserve to have and with the right attitude, we can accomplish anything" - Nelo Ameeri


About Nelo

For as long as I can remember I've loved beauty and I remember constantly giving 'make-overs' to my friends, family and just anyone who would let me do their makeup and style their hair. I loved the injected dose of confidence they would have afterward. That's when I realized you can impact people's lives and their perceptions of themselves with BEAUTY. Before launching Nelo Cosmetics Inc. I worked in healthcare because I've always had a strong sense of empathy and wanted to help people. I was on a journey of self-discovery and I've always had the thought of owning my own business. I've always had a very entrepreneurial and creative spirit. I wanted to do something that would give me the opportunity to be freely creative and be very engaged and involved with people. Thus, Nelo Cosmetics was born. I was working on developing my business and my product line in my final year of University. I worked tirelessly day and night and remember getting barely any sleep because I was so passionate about bringing you all the best lashes. Once I graduated with my degree, I launched my business, and my dream was not just a seed of an idea in my mind, it was born!


Here at Nelo Cosmetics, our mission is to provide the highest quality cosmetic and beauty products on the market for our consumers, clients, and beauty professionals to enjoy and use. At Nelo Cosmetics we launched our beauty brand with our own luxury line of eyelashes. The eyes are a captivating part of our bodies and adding a pair of high-quality soft luxury lashes really enhances the windows to the soul. You will notice our lashes are very well made and very balanced. They give just the right amount of drama to the eyes whether you are going for a natural 'everyday' look or a dramatic 'all eyes on me' look. We worked tirelessly to bring you the latest and most flattering lash styles to give you the best comfort and wear. Each pair of our luxury lashes are handcrafted with the best wear in mind. We strive for perfection and want to be the best beauty brand you know you can count on for quality and comfort.



Our vision is to impact the beauty industry as well as the world by using our brand and products to not only enhance outer beauty but also enhance inner beauty with ongoing philanthropic works and collaborations to make the lives of others just as beautiful. For those who have hardships, we acknowledge every little bit counts. We will be working with many nonprofits and charities to do our part and give back. (Leave us a comment or email us on which charities you believe in and would like to see us partner with.)



We are still working very hard to make sure we keep up with the best quality standards. All our orders are shipped either same day or next business day. (We know how it feels to wait for a package!) We are in the process of expanding our cosmetics line. We will also be doing a lot more collaborations with all the talented makeup artists, bloggers, and social influencers. Nelo Cosmetics firmly believes that there is enough room in the beauty industry for everyone to succeed, and when people see your dedication, passion, high-quality products, work, and content, they will support you. That shows you care enough to make sure you put out the best for your supporters. We are all about building people and businesses up and this quote firmly resonates with us:

"Never look down on someone, unless you are helping them up."

Please subscribe to our email list (Promise we won't spam you and your private information is very SECURE with us, we do not sell any information to third parties.) Please follow us on our social media for a chance to be featured using Nelo Cosmetics products as well as the chance to receive news of new products and promotions first. If you are interested in collaborating with Nelo Cosmetics please contact us via email at info@nelocosmetics.com


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